Dead of Night: Hull Horror Film Festival

Lee Hardcastle Short Films Poster

Lee Hardcastle Short Films

Independent film maker and a one-stop-shop claymation studio based in the UK.

"I make claymations that are not for children."

All films screening at the festival will be supported by the wonderfully-weird short films of Leeds-lad Lee Hardcastle, hand-picked for you by the man himself.

Tragedy Girls screening with: T is for Toilet
Hellraiser screening with: Frozen - The Thing blood test scene
Replace screening with: Filthy Apes and Lions
Suspiria screening with: Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 60 seconds with clay & Alien claymation
Cult Cinema Sunday: Halloween Mystery Movie screening with: The Evil Dead in 60 seconds with clay
Better Watch Out screening with: Love Automatic - Nightmare & The Simpsons You’re Next
Another WolfCop screening with: Drug Bust Doody
The Exorcist screening with: A Zombie Claymation

For more information on Lee’s work check out this article or visit him online at: